GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

The Info Bells GPS tracking mobile app converts your Android device into a GPS tracking device. Installing this app to devices that you want to track, you can monitor their whereabouts on this web site. Info Bells GPS Tracking Application for: personal use, family members, travelers, business, Educational institution etc.

A GPS tracking unit is a GPS device, normally carried by a moving vehicle or person, that uses the Global Positioning System to track the device’s movements, at intervals, and to determine its location, and its carrier.

Getting started with GPS tracking

Info Bells GPS can monitor thousands of targets, and display their location on maps with crystal clear detail right down to street level in a web browser. It lets user to track objects in real time, directly view historical tracks and notify about events that require your immediate attention, generate various group reports and much more. Software is very simple, user friendly and designed to communicate with a wide variety of GPS devices including mobile devices. It is constantly improved and updated with new features.

How does it work?

Turn mobile phone into GPS Tracker

Install app & track your cell phone online

See phone's location on PC or another phone

Real time tracking, alerts, preview history etc.

Find lost or stolen mobile phone

Perfect for family & employees tracking

Feature of GPS Tracking

Real Time Tracking track your phone online, view exact address and other info

Geofence Alerts get alerts when person arrives at work, school, home etc.

Over Speed Alerts get alerts if person is in vehicle over the speed limit that you consider safe.

Recover Lost Phone track and find lost or stolen phone

History and Reports view reports with: visited locations, distance traveled etc.

Fleet Management for business users

Application gets location using GPS and AGPS

Possibility to change tracking interval

Find lost or stolen mobile phone

Possibility to change location accuracy settings

Calculate total travel distance