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No.2B 1st Cross street, Subramani Nagar,
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Shutterstock India

Info Bells Technologies Pvt ltd is the Shutterstock authorized partner in India to sell their product . We want to dramatically expand our connection with customers locally across the world to build brand awareness and grow sales. Our aim is to make people better users of content, whatever content that is – images, video, music, other in future.

Customer Benefit by us

Customer can buy using INR currency

Customer can receive the correct local invoice and tax info. Local customer support

Have a local customer service contact to help and support them become better users


Customers either go to search for images/videos or By info bells pro-actively offer Shutterstock as a value-add to existing services.

A customer has to register with a free browse account on then provide the username to us

The customer requests their subscription or pack from the Info Bells and you agree the price in local currency

At the moment of activation, the customer can download from their account